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Featured Authors


The Janitor by Adam Decker (action/thriller)  A Talented Genius.  A Relentless Government Agent.  The Chase is on.  The epic is now available for free as an ebook and audio download at

Redeemer's Law by Dan Jolley   Set in modern-day Atlanta, Redeemer's Law is a sci-fi/action/horror/superhero novel that centers on Matt Sinclair, one of a small group of people secretly imbued with super-normal abilities by alien weapons researchers. Some of these people become criminals; some form a de facto police force. Matt steals a suit of body armor and uses his powers to take out the anger and frustration of his tragedy-filled life on an unsuspecting public as the masked vigilante known as the Redeemer. But when he's faced with a grotesque, bloodthirsty spree killer -- as well as the demons from his past -- Matt must decide whether to cling to his own humanity…or leave it behind once and for all.

Official website of Dan Jolley






The Janitor by Adam Decker (action/thriller)  A Talented Genius.  A Relentless Government Agent.  The Chase is on.  Meet the world's most unlikely hero!  Read the entire novel online for free.  Available in paperback, download, and audio download.

Lucky in Love by Cari Hislop Romance. The twenty-six year old Edmund, Earl of Warenne accepts a challenge to win an impossible wager. At the risk of losing his favorite snuff box and being saddled with an ugly wife, Edmund agrees to court a desperate old maid sight unseen and have his honorable marriage proposal rejected in front of witnesses. He knows he’ll win; he’s lucky as well as thorough. Not really wanting to be saddled with an unpleasant life companion he decides to take extreme measures to ensure that the old maid finds his offer unpalatable. Fate flips its coin. Edmund’s natural optimism is put to the test as the coin is caught with tragedy facing upward. Will he be able to see the lucky side of life when he realizes that sometimes to win is to lose? This is a complete story that you can read online for free.

Blowgun by William J.H. Anderson  A psychological murder thriller.  It's open season on child molesters.  Free novel.

Various works by Michael Clayton  The Captain & The Rebel (war of the roses!), A Time Of No Fences (philosophical drug novel), Good Looking Out (fast-paced urban fiction)
Six Years Later by Rachel Rossano  Six friends from High School are reunited after six years for a time of renewed friendship and romance.
Kristy's Wedding by Rachel Rossano  The sequel to Six Years Later...friends gather to help Kristy and Scott plan their wedding and convert a grand old house into a bed & breakfast.
Bound By Love by Suprina Frazier  Will the humble handyman (Graham) ever be good enough for the rich daddy's girl (Sheree)?

Hansells's Dragon by Deborah K. Lauro (science fiction) A penal colony, a secret lab, a 178 year old geneticist and dragons.

Pastor's Promise by Deborah K. Lauro (contemporary romance) Nicole's seven year old daughter is caught shoplifting in front of her pastor.
Pebble Beach by James G. Mason  (historical drama/ adult situations/ romance/ crime coming of age) Adventure becomes the life of the Irwin men, from their father’s early life, to family life in small town Kansas, to California in the 1920’s in search of plenty.

The Jesus Game by J. Scranton  (bizarre, suspense) Jacob Warren is the latest contestant  in a popular media game that challenges people to survive for 40 days in the desert.  Serial novel.

A Half Life of One by Bill Liversidge   This novel is about an ordinary man under extraordinary pressure.  When his business fails Nick Dowty resorts to desperate measures to save his family from ruin.  WARNING!! This book is seriously scary. Reading it will completely undermine your faith in humanity.

The Meening of Life by G.R. Klein  

The Dream Dancer by Kenneth C. Crowe A Native American hero’s journey in which the monster is a U.S. Congressman and the netherworld is a Pennsylvania prison.

Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin  High fantasy novel, adult themed, free segments online

Gospel Enigma: and The Young Heretics by E.J. Elsaesser (free) A youngster and his preschool little sister do a little research and end up sorting out 2000 years of questionable theology.  The story develops into a family saga that manages to fathom the very deepest mysteries of life.

My Walk by Sandy Copeland  A novelog (novel blog) that follows Sandy Copeland as he learns about life, a coming of age story about perspective and how it affects our day to day experiences.

Mortal Ghost by L. Lee Lowe Young Adult Fantasy Novel

Kafe Gavani  by Edgar J Barrett  Bizzarro serial novel offered for free

A Mountain Too High by Duke Stephens  This veteran firefighter knew the count-down to the most unusual rescue of his life began the day he met Ashley!  

Angels of Water, Demons of Fire by K. Crumley  Fantasy novel

Betrayal Choice by Takashi Yama

Extinguished Kendo Spirit in an Ecstasy by Takashi Yama

Family Portrait by Takashi Yama

Draw Me a Picture by Meredith Green Romance Fiction

The Road to the King by Stephen Wayne Historical Fiction

Morning Star by Keith Trimm  A man goes to hell to find out who he has become.

Layla-One World Warrior by Layla Parkin  Just when we had thought God had finished intervening in our affairs and talking to us through His prophets - Layla appeared!

The Undergraduate by Steven Snell  Free online novel

Alignment by Keith Trimm Twin universes are bridged when a scientist discovers a portal to the dead.

Space Invaders by Andy Sewina Work-in-progress novel

Oblivion's Children by Jim Wegryn and Roland James  Speculative fiction, science fiction

The Battle of Rosendawn by Siyong Lin  Fantasy. Janelle, a young woman living in our present day society, finds herself unexpectedly transported into a fantasy world based on a book she was reading.

Various works by Sonny Maton  Official Site of Sonny Maton

The Opulence by Amara  Love, lust, obsession, hate, love of the rich, beautiful and insane.

Dark Matters by Theron Gibbons Two young lovers survive an apocalyptic event. Adult Intimate Literature updated on Monday & Friday.

Shadow and Mist by Theron Gibbons  Chronicles the conflicts of an Cynosure Empire. Space Opera updated on Tuesday and Thursday.

Shattered Remnants of a Dream, by Dan Luffey An epic sci-fi/adventure tale dealing with parallel dimensions, ancient powers, and the warping of space and time through one young man's eyes.
Maggots of Heresy by Michael Fridman Set in an alternate universe where the gender roles are reversed: in medieval Baghdad the women rule and have multiple husbands.
Rise of the Vampyre by Kev Keenan   Fantasy fiction novel questioning the meaning of friendship, redemption, and fate.

The Ghost Ship by Scott Telek The year is 1834, a time of brutish sailors, sea-borne treachery, and unchecked superstition.

The Grumleys of Castle Grimwold by Rowena Mohr  Free serial young adult fantasy novel

Journal B by Patrick Bay Adventure Novel

Paint Me a Dream by Meredith Greene  Romance, Draw Me a Picture sequel

All About Dynamite Dave by Meredith Greene Humor

The Autobiography of Joe Shit the Ragman by Donald O'Donovan  Picaresque autobiographical novel set against the backdrop of a crumbling civilization. Read entire novel for free.

Tarantula Woman by Donald O'Donovan  A young American writer comes of age in the red-light quarter of Ciudad Juarez

Letters To My Mother by Crealock A May-December romance between a gifted coed and a biochemistry professor in 1950s Seattle

An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom by Meilin Miranda Free fantasy serial with much intrigue, humor and sex, not all of it

Alisiyad by Sarah R. Suleski (Fantasy) Russ and Liseli's lives are mundane and lonely, till one day they find themselves lost in an otherworld called Alisiya.  Surrounded by secrets and unable to get home, they must rely on each other and learn to survive.

Queen of Seven by Sarah R. Suleski  (Modern Supernatural / Fantasy) A sequel to Alisiyad.  The life of Elly, a girl blessed –– and cursed –– with more power than anyone should ever possess.

Dreamers by Sarah R. Suleski (Fantasy) The story of Muse and Love, immortals who balance two lives in two worlds.

Shadowman of Baltimore by E.D. Beale (Fantasy and Horror) The master of Baltimore City is pissed.  Things are not where he expected them to be.  In fact, the whole city has gone to Hell.  There is only one thing left to do:  Take matters into his own hands.  He plans to use his powers and those of his group to bring the thugs to their knees, however there are other things afoot.  Though, no matter the distraction, he will stay in the shadows to protect the people from themselves and strike when the timing is right.

The Sugarhouse by Donald O’Donovan. Coming of age novel, five friends, centering around a brothel in the historic village of Cooperstown, New York. Free.

Cicerone by Sam Lytle A four novel series of classic fantasy.

Stuff to Make a Swine by Andrew Turner Crime. Andrew Turner becomes involved in the troubles in the Northern Ireland.  MI5 don’t want to get there own hands dirty so they manipulate A Turner into doing some of their dirty work for them

Children of the Halo by E.J. Spurrell Fantasy

Sunset by Timothy Sparklin  Vampire Novel

A horror novel invoking a new mythos for the vampire legend which begins in modern day Egypt and then skips over to the United States.  Two unsuspecting college age boys become engulfed in something greater than their lives, than their world, and even their reality.  Accidentally entangling others in their lives while running from monsters (human and otherwise), they find themselves discovering who they and their new companions/enemies truly are

Worlds Undone by llhaesa tyaeli  Novel told through multiple blog entries.

Jerome Times by Terry Molloy   A series of interlocking stories of a town with a mind of its own.

Spireclaw by Huw Langridge  All the time we are surrounded by coincidences. Some we pay a second thought to and then forget about them. Some fill us with wonder. Some we never even notice. But there are some which can scare us.

Warkin by Geddy Gibson

Mill Avenue Vexations by Kyt Dotson  Urban fantasy through the eyes of a cabdriver, occult and gothic fiction. Romance, magick, and mayhem after dark.
Claim the Earth by John Montana 
An online novel that is written in programming languages as well as English and Chinese.  It is our attempt to make a new media publishing platform that can take advantage of the internet searching and referencing capabilities (see top of the page) to read into different cultures quickly with certain depth -- and fun.

Street by Ryan A. Span  A fast-paced online/print cyberpunk thriller about a woman alone in a dystopian future, working to make ends meet like the rest of the new
underclass — by taking a powerful drug that gives her telepathic

Untitled Thriller by Mike Attebery  A serial novel

An Empire of Law by Allan Michaels (Fantasy) - At the intersection of Law and Power, an attack on the Emperor leads to the oppression of an unpopular minority. Follow Kilthanis D'Endray and others as they attempt to hold the Empire together and eventually take the first steps to tear it apart.
Superstition by Allan Michaels (Urban Fantasy) - Dashiell Aldridge is a detective who specializes in investigating the occult. Follow him, and his frequent partner, DC homicide detective Regina Robbins as they try and solve a variety of cases set in a modern day urban fantasy setting.
City of Roses by Kip Manley  City of Roses is about what happens when Jo Maguire, a highly strung underemployed telemarketer, meets Ysabel Perry, a princess of unspecifiable pedigree. It’s also about hearts broken cleanly and otherwise, the City of Portland, Spenser, those moments in pop songs when the bass and all of the drums except maybe a handclap suddenly drop out of the bridge leaving you hanging from a slender aching thread of melody waiting almost dreading the moment when the beat comes back, and the occasional swordfight.
Mars Girl by Jeff Garrity smart-ass satire

The Enemy by James Basinger 

Oasis by Bryce Beattie

The Hermit by Ray Holland (free pdf download )  After fifty years of living alone, a dedicated career hermit suddenly
finds himself the object of a lovely--and promiscuous--young lady's affections. To complicate matters, her father is the mayor of their village, and officials of his political party view her behavior as a "political embarrassment" that could cost them the next election. This sets in motion a story full of devious political schemes, a hermit whose spiritual journey goes terribly awry, and a girl who wishes people would just let her enjoy life in her own way.

The Peacock King by Irk (fantasy) A free novel about stupid spies getting caught, magic sword kings, traps, talking guns, brawls where people get bitten, ecological activism, hardcore diary writing, world war, caffeinated politics, chess matches over custody, dramatic courtroom fingerpointing, and tea. Updates twice a week.
The Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey  Online serial. The Legion of Nothing is the story of Nick Klein and what happens when he takes on the identity (and powered armor) of “The Rocket." Originally his grandfather’s superhero identity, the powered armor comes with a lot of baggage. Ranging from his grandfather’s service in World War II to connections with other heroes (and villains), the past has a way of intruding on Nick’s present.

Tread by Clayton Lindemuth  Reclusive, fifty, and hunted by the FBI for his role in the killing of an undercover agent, Nat Cinder is a rough-hewn secessionist with enough weaponry cached across Arizona to start a revolution. He finds stark blackmail photos of Arizona governor Virginia Rentier. She wants them back. After Rentier's dirty-jobs man kills the patsy who stashed the sex shots, he targets Cinder and his son—a cocky seventeen-year-old linebacker who doesn’t know Cinder is his father. Rentier pardons a death row inmate and sends him on a mission. The FBI is closing in on Cinder's trail. Betrayed by the woman he’s with, and driven by guilt over his wife’s death sixteen years before, Cinder discovers the photos are in his hands because his former father in law believes he will assassinate the governor. When he learns why...

Redeemer's Law by Dan Jolley   Set in modern-day Atlanta, Redeemer's Law is a sci-fi/action/horror/superhero novel that centers on Matt Sinclair, one of a small group of people secretly imbued with super-normal abilities by alien weapons researchers. Some of these people become criminals; some form a de facto police force. Matt steals a suit of body armor and uses his powers to take out the anger and frustration of his tragedy-filled life on an unsuspecting public as the masked vigilante known as the Redeemer. But when he's faced with a grotesque, bloodthirsty spree killer -- as well as the demons from his past -- Matt must decide whether to cling to his own humanity…or leave it behind once and for all.

Hades Rising by Corey Cramer Modern Supernatural.  When teenager Lilly North survives a shipwreck that claimed the lives of her parents, she seeks to find the cause of the accident in the pages of a mysterious young fugitive’s handwritten journal, but as the journal grows more bizarre, including accounts of demons, magic and voodoo, and when the government gets word of what Lilly’s father was up to before his death, the answers Lilly finds put both her—and everyone who comes in contact with her—in grave danger.

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I by Tracy Falbe  Features the free fantasy novel .  The story opens by introducing the hero as he battles on the frontlines of the Atrophane Empire that has been conquering all its neighboring states. The Atrophane have reached the end of their known world, however, and a yawning wilderness marked by extremely tall mountains beckons the hero to adventure in unknown kingdoms where a magical and dangerous race called the rys reign supreme. With sword fights, epic battles, banquets full of intrigue, magical duels, and bedchambers aflame with love and lust, the cast of warriors, kings, mercenaries, and spies raise rebellion and fight to take the fabulous wealth of the rys and carve out new kingdoms.

Stolen Warrior by Wes Platt  Text-Based Online Role Playing Game  Set in the 26th Century, Stolen Warrior is the second novel set in theuniverse of the OtherSpace text-based online roleplaying game.  Neurojournalist Len Dixon gets the chance of lifetime to experience the maiden voyage of mankind's first faster-than-light starship,Unfettered. The Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind, providers of the FTL drive technology, don't give it without a price, however. The Unfettered ishijacked by the aliens and Dixon finds himself in a strange realm known as Hiverspace, stuck in the middle of a war between the Hivers and their ancient enemies, the spider-like B'hiri. He should be overjoyed at the prospect of exclusive coverage of the conflict, but all he really wants is to get back to his home universe in one piece.  This epic space opera is being posted on the Internet, at least one chapter per week, until it concludes. Read it for free.

Family in Decline by Lethe Bashar Drama. A husband divorces his ailing wife and a teenage son--who believes himself to be a genius--drops out of college.   Focuses on the father's pseudo-spiritual quest and the son's descent in drugs and grandiosity

Novel of Life:  Madrid, Spain by Lethe Bashar Drama. Lethe Bashar is on study abroad.  He moves into an apartment with a sixty-five year old Senora.  Within two weeks, he undergoes an extreme form of culture shock.  He has difficulty attending classes at the International Institute, and his greatest fears revolve around his appearance in the mirror.  The Senora, a maternal figure, suggests that Lethe withdraw from school and see a psychiatrist.

Space Slugs by Frances Pauli If you got a slug for a wedding present, would you keep it? Galaxy hopping space harlot, Zora, would. With her uptight, xenobiologist sister, an unusual android, and what may very well be the last space slug, Zora runs out on yet another engagement, and into a whole lot of trouble. The universe is about to get sticky.
The Big Bang; Notes from Looking Within by Jason Mathews  free pdf download. (Fantasy/Sci-Fi). Imagine creating a universe - a miniature, self-enclosed universe, and having the power to search throughout it looking for planets with life. What might you find? Primordial soup. Strange beings. Alien societies. Profound wisdom. The Big Bang is a God-game at multiple levels. The debate between evolution and creation is the subtle undertone throughout the story. This novel is for everyone who enjoys thinking about the bigger picture.

Jim's Life; Journey to Soul Ascension by Jason Mathews  free pdf download (Spiritual/Metaphysical). The soul of Jim (from The Big Bang) takes over the body of a boy who had a fatal accident while running from the scene of a crime. The body is revived at the hospital, and Jim awakens from a coma with absolute amnesia. The brain damage from the crash affects his pineal gland and vision processing so that he now sees the chakras and auras of people. In time he learns to work with these light fields and heal people, thus drawing comparisons to Jesus and being praised as a miracle healer, all the while being on trial for a crime he did not commit. An epic story of religion and spirituality, the courts of justice and the power of love.

Change of Heart by Fran Shaff  1850s Nebraska: Marietta Randolf travels from Chicago to Nebraska to collect her orphaned nephew Zack. When a snow storm delays her return trip, she finds herself stranded in an unappealing land with a very appealing rancher, Jase Kent.

Strong Heart by Capriox Bovidae  A female mercenary, a naive young magician, and interesting times ahead. A sword & sorcery fantasy tale updating weekly.

Frayed by Andy Green  Frayed tells the story of a failing comic book writer by the name of Will Campbell. Sadly for Will nothing much has been going right lately. His girlfriend has left him, his job isn’t paying the bills and to make matters worse it looks like his brain has finally turned to custard…well, that certainly how it seems when he’s broken into one night. Only, the trouble is, as he makes his way downstairs to confront the intruder he doesn’t come face to face with your average, garden variety burglar. No, that would be far too straight forward. Instead he meets Tom Brown – the same Tom Brown who is a character from the graphic novel that he’s working on!
Theatrica by Joe Cooper Arthur dares to change his life for the better, in a town full of ugly souls and grotesque individuals. In Theatrica City, you can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and even live for as long as you choose. But you have to be ready to do whatever it takes. And Arthur is very, very determined. A crossover novel, incorporating general fiction, sci-fi, the fantastic, horror and suspense, drama and comedy. Inspired by the likes of Mervyn Peake, Dickens and Chuck Palahniuk.
FK Publications  Exciting novels about evil women.

The Blue Bells by Mark Trussell   Free serial novel.  Sara is going home to small-town Canada for the Holidays to visit her family of royal-nutbars. Everything is going as usual, in other words the relatives are as "eccentric" as ever...until a secret is revealed! Duh-hud-duuuuuuuuh

Damian's Oracle by Lizzy Ford  Free full length novel.  Caught in the war between the White and Black Gods, Sofia and her rare gift bring victory to he who grabs her first. Her difficult transition from human to oracle forces her into a new world, where she struggles in her role as Damian’s mate and to help a mysterious man who’s supposed to be dead.

Murder on Anonomy by Anonomy the Blovelist  A parody, born out of experience of writing communities online, the ins and outs of the publishing world, online slushpiles (naming no names, it is a spoof, after all, any resemblance is purely coincidental . . . )Murder At Anonomy is about an author determined to take on the system and make it work for him – with or without internet knowledge. The path is somewhat perilous, particularly as he chooses to be ruthless. His success and dubious methods begin to irk fellow authors who decide to track him down . . .

Guts and Sass: An Anti-Epic by M.E. Traylor A life-paced story about people who happen to live in the circumstances of war, invasion, political complications, and magic.  No heroes, no saving the day, no glorified romance, or clean-cut answers.  Just life.

Inner City by Scott Norton The cities have gated their walls to lock all else out. Those in rural areas have been reduced to savages seeking out a primitive existence. When a seven year old Callen Carrus, a boy from the city, faces a personal crises and runs away, he's chased outside the city walls. What happens to him there will set him on a quest that will lead to him risking his life in search of answers.

Small Town Ravaging by Samuel Nye The town of Minde goes from being the average small town to a town torn apart by fear and suspicion when Benny Jorgens disappears, only to appear a few days later, a ruined form of life. His mind has been ripped from his body by a power hungry madman, who is using it to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting townspeople. Benny must enter the subconscious realm of human thought to recover his body before it's too late to save the people he grew up with.  Small Town Ravaging is an Serialized Novel, updating with chapters every week.
The House of Sever by Grace Elizabeth Fleming Serial novel. A light-hearted historical romance novel, following the journey of Rhema de Frees, a tomboy baroness living in fictional 19th century Gallia. Though Rhema would like nothing better than to remain happily obscure with her family and her childhood crush, Jonathan, circumstances beyond her control thrust her into the world of society, politics, revolution, and love. Most of all, she must untangle her feelings for the inscrutable Prince Bastion van Sever before time runs out for her country.


E Books


The Janitor by Adam Decker (action/adventure)  A Talented Genius.  A Relentless Government Agent.  The Chase is on. The Green eBook Shop offers ebook ebook libraries and free ebook downloads for your ebook device and portable ebook reader.


Audio Books

The Janitor by Adam Decker  The cult favorite free.  Read by the author.


Short Stories

Unlocked Tomb by Adam Decker  A man wakes up in his vehicle at the bottom of a lake.  Fever-pitched suspense completely free.

Would You Rather by Adam Decker  Free Horror Story.  A Deputy Sheriff tries to save his cousin from an unknown evil.

On the Ledge by Adam Decker  A man finds himself trapped outside of a Skyscraper

Novel of Life:  Vegas and After by Lethe Bashar  Drama. After getting kicked out of a halfway house in San Jose, California, Lethe takes a Greyhound bus to Vegas.  He finds a youth hostel on the West side called The Backpacker's Inn.  This Hotel California is refuge to a host of misfits and wanderlusts.

A Whiff, A Whim by Michael Clayton Collection of short stories

Short Stories by L. Lee Lowe

Dune by Takashi Yama

Witch Hands by Sarah R. Suleski (YA Fantasy) Tobi's adventure with a magical pair of helping hands.

Widley by Sarah R. Suleski (Horror) A ghost story.

Kelly's Shadow by Sarah R. Suleski (Horror) Kelly is beautiful.  Her shadow is not.

Goldfish by Sarah R. Suleski (Flash) A crazy, suicidal letter of unrequited love.

Twenty Thousand Years in Disneyland, by Donald O’Donovan. Collection. Fifteen selections by the Ragman. Free.

Challenging Lessons by Tracy Falbe is back story from “The Rys Chronicles” series. It is the telling of a crucial episode in the relationship of the Rys Queen Onja to her ward, Shan, that takes place over four hundred years before the events that take place in “The Rys Chronicles.”

Diary Of Ariona Taylor  Shorts stories and poetry by Ariona Taylor 

Mind Cafe by Lizzy Ford  death’s waiting room and the only refuge for a woman trapped in her body after a tragic accident leaves her unable to do anything but watch the world and think. A fiction, paranormal short story just under 5,000 words, part of a larger collection of stories depicting a day in the life of the unique.




Various works by Adam Decker  Relentless, Blood, Untitled

Escape into Life  Literary arts e-zine features Outsider Art and lucid poetry, along with a collection of spiritual essays and podcasts dedicated to the expansion of creative potential.

Various works by Michael Clayton  The Jailhouse Looks Like Africa (edgy poetry), Country Time, Blow Me The Charge, Fresh Fish Fried In Old Grease, Taste Michael




Combo Mike by Michael Clayton  Unbelievable non-fiction

True Crime Stories  The True Crime Library is a complete resource for news,
stories and magazines about non fictional crimes.

The Economic Reason by Shane Sanders, Ph.D.  The book discusses applications of economics in a non-technical manner. A series of conversational essays discuss the manner in which economic thought addresses a broad array of everyday issues.

James Nelson Blog My true account of growing up on a storybook farm, experiencing a killer tornado, surviving teenage confusion, an adventurous four-year ride on a US Navy submarine, a skydive, not maturing into your regular adult, discovering the world is not a bowl of cherries, a crash to the bottom, and, finally, accepting that the only person responsible for me, is me. But first I had to descend into the deep depths of the emotional chasm.  Following that is my most recent short fiction “WAITING TO DIE” a tale of today and the coming, feared, pandemic.

Suraj Jangid Blog  I am a student who trying to tell his feelings through various words of language.  I wrote many short stories and poems related to love,  attraction and personality. I am sure you will like my writings.



Searches  Trying to find a book online?  Look no further, bookfinder searches 130 stores and gives you the price at each.  A directory of e books that are sold on the internet  Reviews books and magazines

Planet Free Book  No registration required  Library Science Degree is the only non profit website dedicated to providing unbiased and straightforward information for students interested in obtaining a library science degree.

Free Books  Huge collection of free online books . More than 10000 free books and free ebooks to download  Short n scary stories is the biggest collection of true and real scary, ghost, haunted and paranormal stories on the web written by famous authors from all over the world. Read and write short scary and ghost stories online here.


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